Solving the biggest tech of the not-for-profit sector – online user experience

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How we solve the biggest tech needs of the not-for-profit sector

According to the 2022 Charity Digital Skills Report , 68% of charities currently identify improving their website and online presence as their top priority.

51% specifically want to review their website.

Providing a better online user experience will enable more people to access your services. The ability of users to self-serve is important to them being able to make the most of the support you offer.

So, if your website currently suffers from poor navigation capacity and delivers poor user experience (especially on mobile devices) you’re likely in the 51%. Similarly, if you’re aware you have cyber vulnerabilities and your existing website is built in a way that is difficult to update in-house, you should be looking to make changes.

This isn’t a minor project, however, and many organisations find that although they know what they want to achieve, they have no sense of how to go about the transformation. There is a pressing need for change but the initial stage of defining the approach acts as a roadblock.

A helping hand

Our discovery service assesses your current site and provides you with fully costed future website options so you can make an informed choice. Especially if you’re among the 18% of charities with no IT support, we can help you navigate the potentially daunting project of overhauling your website. Throughout our assessment, we remove all the unknowns from the process, leaving you with clear choices and the details you need to make informed decisions that work for your business and customer experience needs.

While we might propose an entirely new website, there are in fact several routes you can take depending on requirements and costs. Upgrading your existing site is sometimes the best approach rather than starting from scratch.

Outlining your options

Our website assessment looks at where you currently are and where you want to be and then creates a blueprint of how you can progress along that journey. During the process you will gain:

  • Clarity – in terms of content, design and how your site is currently performing.
  • Insight – around your user journeys and marketing challenges.
  • Review – of your content and what you want to maintain in your new solution.

As well as a detailed roadmap for achieving your business goals, we provide you with a transparent breakdown of costs related to your options and explain the reasoning behind the alternatives. We set scope and create an aligned strategy, presenting them in a fully documented business case ready for you to present to your board.

Specialist support

We have a proven track record of working with the not-for-profit sector to boost technological capability, including website transformations. Norwood Schools Ltd hadn’t performed any major updates on their website for several years and lots of their business functionality had been custom developed into the website. It was becoming increasingly difficult to update and maintain so as their trusted technology advisers we carried out a detailed website assessment.

We set the strategy and created a roadmap to removing the complexity of their existing site, helping their executives understand the current site performance and the existing challenges. This all supported the business case for website transformation, which we are now in the process of delivering.

With more than half of charities looking to review their websites, it’s clear that trusted technology support in this area is what the not-for-profit sector needs from IT professionals. Our proven discovery methodology will provide you with an independent assessment of how you can transform and update your website, making the entire process less overwhelming. Read about our website discovery service in more detail and make the most of having access to a trusted digital adviser for your website transformation project.

*All figures from The Charity Digital Skills Report 2022.

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