Why you need a smart-spend approach to IT infrastructure change

by | Dec 13, 2020 | Strategy & Assessment, Cloud Engineering, Foundation & Infrastructure, Modern 365 Workspace, Next Gen Networking, Tech Future Ready Assessment

Change is good. But should it always add to costs?

For instance, given the massive dependence enterprises have on data to determine their digital strategies for products, sourcing, capacity planning, pricing, marketing and customer support, how should they determine budgets for data management and compute power required for real-time analytics? That is a difficult question to answer because of the variable involved. Anything—from markets to competition and regulation—could bend the forecast, wasting the investments made based on the forecast.

Spending an increasing amount on operational IT is no guarantee for growth or leadership. What matters is how these costs are managed— through platforming, outsourcing, automation, cloud enablement, etc., without compromising on operations, employee experience, partner convenience and customer satisfaction.

How should you optimize costs? There is no one-size-fits-all answer to that question because every enterprise has unique needs. But there are many options to choose from. IT infrastructure professionals must examine if:

  • Outsourcing is the best answer
  • Crowdsourcing presents a part-way solution
  • Automation can lower costs (and improve user experience)
  • Hardware and software asset consolidations are short-to-medium term solutions
  • IaaS and PaaS can be used effectively to control costs
  • The role of the cloud can be enhanced
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