Software Licensing

Optimise Your Software Spend with TTG’s Custom Licensing Solutions. Ensure compliance and reduce costs effectively.

Discover Efficient, Tailored and Seamless Software Licensing

Are you struggling to navigate the complexities of software licensing while managing costs effectively?

Discover how our software licensing services offer cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring compliance and maximising value for your business.

Microsoft 365 Licensing

We optimise Microsoft 365 Licensing, aligning subscriptions with your business needs. Our tailored solutions ensure cost-effectiveness and compliance, maximising productivity and collaboration within your organisation.

Azure Licensing

We streamline Azure Licensing, ensuring optimal usage, cost management, and compliance. Our tailored approach maximises benefits while minimising costs, empowering your business in the ecosystem.

Volume Licensing Management

We expertly navigate Volume Licensing Management, optimising procurement, compliance, and cost-efficiency. Our tailored solutions ensure maximum value and seamless compliance, driving your business forward.

License Optimisation & Rationalisation

We streamline License Optimization & Rationalisation, identifying redundant licenses and optimising usage. Our approach reduces costs, ensures compliance, and maximises the value of your software investments.

Educational & Non-Profit Licensing

For educational and non-profit organisations, we tailor licensing solutions to meet specific budget and compliance needs, Increasing software access and minimising costs for mission-driven initiatives.

License Compliance Audit

Our license compliance audits ensure adherence to software licensing agreements, reducing risks of non-compliance and associated penalties while optimising licensing costs for sustainable business operations.

Reporting & Analytics

Our licensing reporting and analytics provide comprehensive insights into your software usage, enabling informed decisions to optimise licensing spend and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Tailored Licensing Solutions

We customize licensing solutions, aligning with unique business requirements. By tailoring strategies to your specific needs, we ensure cost-effectiveness, compliance, and operational excellence.

Our Approach To Software Licensing

What We Do

We offer tailored software licensing solutions to meet your business needs, ensuring compliance, cost-effectiveness, and scalability for your organisation.

How We Do

Through meticulous assessment and strategic planning, we align your software licensing strategy with your operational objectives and regulatory requirements.

The Benefit

By optimising software licensing, we minimise costs, enhance operational efficiency, and mitigate compliance risks, empowering your organisation for sustainable growth and success.

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