Cyber Essentials & Plus Certification

Secure your digital frontier with our Cyber Essentials & Plus Certification. Elevate your cybersecurity posture and protect your business from evolving threats.

Transform Your Cybersecurity Landscape

Enter the future confidently with TTG’s Cyber Essentials & Plus certification. Ensure compliance, protect assets, and build trust. Elevate cybersecurity, safeguard data, and gain a competitive edge.

Cyber Essentials Compliance Auditing

We review your cybersecurity measures, ensuring Cyber Essentials compliance. Aligning IT security with regulatory standards, we enhance your defence mechanisms, enabling robust protection in the digital age.

Certification Project Planning & Management

We orchestrate your certification journey, from planning to execution. By aligning certification goals with your business strategy we ensure a streamlined process that fosters growth and compliance.

Certification Preparation & Support

We prepare your team for certification, providing end-to-end support. By aligning study strategies with business objectives, we enhance your readiness and success, ensuring industry recognition and trust.

Security Policy & Procedure Development

Craft robust security policies and procedures tailored to your business needs. Our expert guidance ensures compliance, risk mitigation, and a fortified security posture, safeguarding your organisation against cyber threats.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Implementation

Our tailored approach ensures robust Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) implementation. Enhance security, mitigate unauthorised access, and ensure compliance for peace of mind.

Endpoint & Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Deploy comprehensive Endpoint & Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions with our expert guidance. Safeguard devices, enforce policies, and ensure data security for seamless remote operations.

Operating Systems & Endpoint Patching

Let us assist you in fortifying your systems with Operating Systems & Endpoint Patching solutions tailored to your business needs.

Implementing Monitoring Agents

Let us assist you in implementing monitoring agents, providing comprehensive coverage and proactive threat detection to safeguard your IT infrastructure against emerging security risks and vulnerabilities.

Security Posture Enhancement Planning

We meticulously plan security enhancements tailored to your business objectives, fortifying your enterprise against cyber threats and ensuring readiness to tackle evolving challenges.

Vulnerability Remediation Consulting

Let us guide your journey to secure vulnerabilities. Our expert consulting identifies and addresses weaknesses, fortifying your defenses for robust cybersecurity posture and enhanced resilience.

Cybersecurity Training & Awareness

Increase your team’s cybersecurity awareness with our tailored training solutions. Empower them to identify and mitigate risks, fostering a culture of security readiness and resilience.

Certification Liaison & Facilitation

Let us streamline your certification process. Our expert liaison services guide you through every step, ensuring compliance and facilitating smooth certification attainment.

Our Approach To Cyber Essential & Plus Certification

What We Do

We guide your business to Cyber Essentials & Plus certification, fortifying your cybersecurity posture and ensuring regulatory compliance.

How We Do

We provide expert guidance and support, navigating you through the certification process efficiently and effectively.

The Benefit

Gain enhanced cybersecurity measures, compliance assurance, and increased trust from customers and partners with Cyber Essentials & Plus certification.

Trusted expert partners for your digital transformation

We are a team of technology advisors with hands-on experience in real-life business challenges.

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