Backup and disaster recovery

Reduce your
risk loss of data business impact
by using our cloud backup and disaster recovery solution

Your backup and disaster recovery are your insurance in case anything goes wrong, but when were they last tested? Have they become a cost centre to cut from the IT budget?

What’s the cost of downtime to your business? Is it worth it?

Protecting your workloads

We leverage cloud backups and disaster recovery solutions to protect your workloads and reduce outage times.

Backup tapes were built on 90’s technology and are outdated and unwieldy. When was the last time you restored from tape? It can take hours to even identify the data from hundreds of tapes.

We take a holistic overview of your backup and disaster recovery requirements and translate this into a comprehensive solution based on more up-to-date technology.

Service Details

Current Challenges

We assess your current setup and future needs to determine requirements for migrating your old backup and disaster recovery to a new solution based on cost, recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives.

Technology Assessment

We recommend a range of options for backup and disaster recovery options based on your IT strategy and business continuity criteria.

Cloud-based Backups

We deliver your cloud-based backup using solutions including Azure and Veeam based on your criteria.

Decommission backup tapes

We decommission your legacy solution, saving you money on storage costs.

Azure Site Recovery

We implement your disaster recovery solution using Azure Site Recovery. With it you can deploy replication, failover and recovery processes to help keep your applications running during planned and unplanned outages.


We monitor and provide alerts on all backups to make sure your business is not at risk. We can also conduct scenario-based disaster recovery testing to prove continuity.


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