MSP transformation

Changing service provider can feel
risky daunting challenging
however, there is a different way

How do you move away from your existing MSP when they own so much of your IT estate? It can be daunting when your infrastructure, network and desktop are all involved and there are technical, staff and contractual interdependencies.

We have a proven track record of taking on legacy IT complexity from MSPs and transforming foundations into a secure, productive and enjoyable cloud-based experiences.

msp transformation

Giving you back control

We’re great at picking up the pieces when customers find they have major gaps in their service provision.

Does your service provider:

  • Take responsibility for managing your backups and disaster recovery?
  • Provide full documentation?
  • Accept responsibility for the security of your system?
  • Actively manage regular patching and updates?

They should be.

We manage the entire process, determining where you want to get to, and the interdependencies involved before delivering a phased migration to a managed solution that puts you back in control.

Service Details

Current Challenges                                         

We review your challenges and frustrations with your current provider. We explore the regulatory, cyber or project requirements you have that could impact your service delivery.

Future Operating Model

We visualise your future support model based on your capability requirements and establish how you can retain control whilst not always directly managing your IT estate.

Contractual  Assessment  

We carry out a full contract assessment to determine what services are provided and highlight any gaps. Most importantly, we identify the exit criteria for each contract.

Future-Ready Tech Assessment

We carry out a comprehensive assessment of your tech stack, operating models and costs and partner with you to develop your strategy, roadmap, projects, interdependencies and architecture.


We create, lead and deliver the full request for proposal (RFP) process to make sure you achieve substantial percentage savings. We deal with the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) and many other public frameworks.


We provide full support for your migration and ongoing application use.


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