Modern 365 workplace

Improve your employee
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Having the right tools for the job is a basic requirement for employees but recent years have shown that not all organisations have the flexibility, security and agility to support staff productivity in all circumstances.

We understand how to increase staff productivity by providing ease of access and improved tools, even when working with legacy IT.

modern 365 workspace

Improve your staff productivity

We understand the challenges of implementing and migrating from your existing device solution and can ensure your network drive sprawl and legacy apps don’t interfere with your business goals.

We leverage the full Microsoft stack to provide you with secure, managed devices, empowering your staff with access to Teams, telephony and intranet functionality as well as crafting workflow automation. Microsoft has come a long way over the past 5 years, with generous licensing agreements making it a compelling proposition for not-for-profits.

Service Details

Current Challenges

With your IT teams, we assess your current staff experience and the challenges of managing your endpoint devices.

Exchange Online

As we improve accessibility and flexibility, we will migrate your emails to the cloud.

Endpoint Management and Security

Using Microsoft endpoint manager, we secure all your devices and enable you to fully manage them.

Office 365 Productivity suite

We provide the full Office 365 productivity suite, including Teams, and train your staff on the best ways to use these tools.

Decommission network drives

We have a range of options to support you with your current network drives, particularly when the roles and permissions are challenging.


We have a range of options to provide you with a cloud-based telephony solution which can be adapted to work with contact centre solutions.

Single Sign-On

Let Transform Identity (our own platform) solve the issue of single sign-on for disparate legacy IT. Whilst you decommission or change, we can provide a great experience for your teams whilst supporting your GDPR compliance.


We can provide support for all your devices, from alerting and monitoring for compliance to troubleshooting user issues.


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