Cloud engineering

Cloud engineering delivers
scalability security customer experiences
which enables business growth

Where do you start?

Addressing the challenges of your on-premise infrastructure can unlock business agility and flexibility whilst improving your security. 

cloud engineering

Full Azure or Hybrid Cloud

Our cloud assessment will create certainty and clarity on how to securely and efficiently implement your best cloud solution

Discover the magic of cloud transformation! It’s not just about relocating servers – envision a dynamic, interconnected ecosystem where your network, desktop, security, and the crucial elements of backup and disaster recovery all join hands.

However, the path to migrate those intertwined legacy applications can be a twisty affair, risking performance and services.

That’s where we come into play! We’re the wizards of Microsoft Azure, conjuring up secure, scalable, and resilient platforms that help your business soar to new heights! 

Service Details

Current Challenges

We determine your current infrastructure challenges and assess how moving to a full or hybrid cloud solution could support your future needs.

Cloud assessment

We provide a report outlining suggested optimisation for your current cloud solution.

Cloud strategy

Depending on your approach – full or hybrid cloud – we make sure the apps you need will perform to your requirements in the cloud.

Cloud migration

We define the best way to migrate your apps, reducing downtime where possible to minimise the impact on your business.

Cloud support

We provide full support for your platforms, with comprehensive monitoring and alerting. We proactively address issues before they occur.

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Based on your requirements, we use Azure Backup, Azure Site Recovery and other standard software backup technologies to protect your workload.

Application COnsolidation

We assess and seek ways to reduce your cloud footprint by consolidating your apps and SQL where appropriate.

Board Support and Presentation

We provide executive level support to break down complex decisions into easy-to-understand deliverables, helping you secure the investment you need.


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