Infrastructure management

Infrastructure management is essential to
improving running securing
your apps and, if not done properly, can cause unintended consequences

Business agility requires infrastructure flexibility, however, keeping up to date with changes in cloud infrastructure can be challenging.

infrastructure management

Experts in cloud infrastructure

We spend 80% of our time on proactive maintenance, rather than waiting for a problem to occur and we always go the extra mile to inform you of regulatory, cyber or technical changes that could impact your service.

As your trusted partner, we make sure that your infrastructure is patched, updated, backed up, secure and cost optimised.

We understand how important it is to make sure your apps are protected and supported.  Our comprehensive tool set enables us to monitor and alert for any anomalies in your platform, fixing issues before they become a problem.

As cloud experts we manage many different customer clouds, from hyperconverged infrastructure (hybrid) to full Azure cloud, including backup and disaster recovery.

Service Details

Cloud Cost Optimisation

We assess your cloud costs and optimise your setup, saving you more than 25% on average.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Based on your requirements, we use Azure Backup, Azure Site Recovery and other standard software backup technologies to protect your workload.

Patching and Maintenance

We ensure your platform is patched and updated, which helps to reduce cyber-attacks.

Your support model     

Our support model can be tailored to your needs, with full management or engineering support. We can train up your staff to be self-sufficient. 

Privilege Access Management and multi-factor authentication

We implement PAM and MFA on all cloud infrastructure services that we perform to minimise any threats to your platform.

Alerting and Monitoring                         

We use Azure Monitor to manage your infrastructure so we can detect and find fix issues before they arise. We also use Redgate monitoring to pinpoint what’s happening with your apps at code level to resolve any problems.

Service Management and Reporting

Our service management meetings focus on what’s important to your business and how we can improve our service offering to you.

Database Administration

Our experts can help troubleshoot or create maintenance plans to keep your SQL estate optimised.


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