Desktop support

With today's technology all your endpoints should
work be patched be easy to access
so you can focus on delivering for your customers

Where and how we work has fundamentally changed in the last few years and this has impacted how we support and maintain our devices.

Desktop, mobile and tablet capabilities, as well as security, have changed and video conferencing, multi-factor authentication, cloud printing and Microsoft Teams all impact how your team shares and collaborates.

desktop support

Protecting and managing your devices

We offer a friendly and supportive service with a breadth of expertise to be leveraged.

How and where you work has significantly changed in recent years. Homeworking, video conferencing, sharing and collaboration have become ubiquitous.

As trusted partners we deliver on all the core activities that you would expect, and we understand how important it is to leverage this new functionality.

We remove the pain of managing and securing devices, providing proactive services to improve how your business use these new tools to achieve your goals and productivity gains.

Service Details

EndPoint Management and Azure Desktop

We use Microsoft Endpoint Manager to secure and manage your devices, whether physical or virtual.  We ensure compliance against all policies to prevent cyber-intrusion.

Security and Connectivity                    

We make sure that your device connectivity is secure and support users with MFA. We integrate and support Wi-Fi solutions to seamlessly connect to your estate.

Data and Office 365 Backups                                  

We make sure all your data is protected and offer enhanced services if Microsoft Standard does not meet your requirements.

Office 365 Training and Support

We provide proactive training and support to your staff, allowing them to take advantage of the tools you’re providing.

Cloud Telephony and Printing

We support cloud telephony solutions, in particular Microsoft Teams which has call recording and advanced features. We also partner with cloud printing solution Printix to provide a simple hybrid working print solution.

Your  Support Model    

We can augment your teams or provide a full outsourced service based on your preference.

Alerting and Monitoring

We manage and monitor your endpoints to make sure they are all compliant and secure against your policies.

Service Management and Reporting

Our service management meetings focus on what’s important to your business and how we can improve our service offering to you.


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