Application management

Your applications need to be
available performant secure
to deliver the service your staff and customers expect

We enable you to reduce the efforts invested in managing your applications. We support a wide range of bespoke applications, meaning you can focus your teams on core business goals.

Save you time to focus on your customers

We take the time to fully understand what your app is doing and its impact on the business.

We deliver application management support tailored to your needs, based on what is most important to you.

We offer a broad range of application management services, including compatibility testing, automated discovery and application portfolio management. Whether you are planning a large-scale migration, delivering regular updates, looking to cut costs or increasing your security and compliance, we can help.


Service Details

Application Support                

We provide support from service desk through to engineering depending on your requirements.

App Enhancement   

We can manage your third-party applications, or we can perform our own code releases or apply hot fixes to your apps.

Service Map your applications

We use Azure Service Map and other tools to build a complete picture of your application portfolio.

Fix poor performing Apps

We use our technical expertise to identify and fix any issues with your apps, highlighting and remedying poorly performing code.

Quality Assurance and Testing

We automate our testing as much as possible for speed of release, however, we will always peer review before release.

Application Review Meetings

Every month we will review your application portfolio, incidents, changes, performance and security.

Identity opportunities

We will proactively review your application portfolio and make suggestions for operational or customer improvements.


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