Transformation Advisory Assessment

business technology strategy
forms the critical foundations for success

As you look to achieve business growth through improved agility and sustainability, you need a stable technology foundation. We’re here to make inject pace into your digital transformation journey to help you achieve your goals.

Transformation Advisory Assessment

Transform your technology for continued growth.

We carry out a comprehensive assessment of how you are supporting your organisation today and create a future-ready IT/Digital strategy, architecture roadmap, projects, interdependencies and your future skills and capabilities.

Bolting new technology onto your legacy system isn’t a sustainable approach to keeping up with technological advances. It inhibits business agility, flexibility and adds to your long-term costs rather than moving you towards your goals.

Accessing the right skills and capabilities – we assess the gaps that need filling to move you from where you are today to where you want to be in the future, creating your IT operating model.

Project sequence – we ensure your projects are delivering the correct capability in the right order, improving project success by 200%.

Costs – we provide money-saving options around your current and future cost models.

Service Details

Understand your Business Challenges

We document and baseline the challenges you currently face.

Help design your Future Experience

We co-create your ideal technology solution.

Audit your Current Technology

Working with your partners and IT teams, we assess everything, from infrastructure to apps.

Assess your Current Operating Model

We document how you currently manage your IT and digital estate.

Define Strategic Principles

Based on your fundamentals, we partner with you to create strategic principles as a guideline for decision making and solution provision.

Define Options and Choices

Technology solutions need to balance cost, speed of delivery and end-user impact. We provide both quick wins and demonstration of how we will align your processes and projects to continue developing your future experience.

Strategy, Roadmap and Architecture

We use your legacy IT, contracts, missing building blocks and our complex MSP provision to create a comprehensive set of processes, projects and roadmaps.

Future Operating Model

We provide transparent project fees and costs for potential ongoing support with our assessment and proposals.

Trusted expert partners for your digital transformation

We are a team of technology advisors with hands-on experience in real-life business challenges. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do digital transformations fail?

There are several issues, but the three most common are:

  • The scope is too broad, with no collective understanding of what it will deliver. The transformation will always fail as there is no baseline to measure it against and no accepted moment of completion.
  • Complexities of migration and challenges of legacy IT are underestimated.
  • Poor communication and stakeholder engagement.
Why is my digital transformation taking so long?

Usually, one of three reasons:

  • You’ve underestimated the challenges of your legacy IT and data migration.
  • You’re trying to complete the transformation with just your existing IT team.
  • The project is too complex, and you haven’t broken it into smaller, well-defined elements.
How do I get my business case approved by the board?

To get your business case approved, align it to your business strategy, or if this is not clear align it to risk registers,  corporate themes or departmental goals.

  • Be clear on what the project will deliver and what it will achieve including what will happen if you don’t go ahead with it.
  • Create baseline KPIs to measure your success, even simple ones will show you the progress you make when you implement your change.
  • A clear picture of the financial implementation and ongoing costs
  • Socialise with your executive in advance to get their buy-in. A business case becomes much harder to reject if everyone has contributed.
How do I start my digital transformation?

Getting started with your digital transformation is all about people rather than technology.

    • Effective communication is a vital component of any successful team. When members are able to understand one another’s concerns, they can work together more effectively toward achieving shared goals. Achieving this level doesn’t happen overnight but it does require putting forth effort into understanding what your employees want so that everyone feels included in decisions impacting their own workplace environment
    • Digital transformation requires executives, managers and frontline employers to work together to rethink how each aspect of the business should operate.

    Download our Transformation Advisory Assessment playbook for more tips on getting started

    What makes a successful digital transformation?

    Successful digital transformation combines these areas of expertise, technology, data, process, and organisational change capability.

    • For the technology and data area, we need technological breadth and depth with great communication skills to simplify the complexity.
    • To deliver process improvements and organisational change, you need courage, engagement, empowerment, and leadership.

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