IT operating model

Sourcing the right
capabilities skills people
at the right time fuels the need for transformation

Your IT or digital department still needs to keep things running whilst delivering new, transformative capabilities. Assessing and reviewing core competencies and future needs requires a combination of strategy, technology and people, all of which we provide to support you in creating your future operating model.

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Defining your operating model

We document and define your current functionality and recommend a future operating model based on your strategy, costs and the capabilities that will add the most business value.

We’ve experienced first-hand organisations losing control through outsourcing their technology, ending up at the mercy of their MSP’s conditions.

We’ve also seen organisations retain their IT in-house and struggle to keep up with the pace of technological change, to the detriment of the business.

We work with you to define your IT requirements and determine the factors that will differentiate your business and add the most value.

Read how we help our customers define their IT operating model


Service Details

Business Challenges

We understand the challenges you face, and we work with you to identify what isn’t working and where the opportunities for improvement lie.

Align IT and Business Strategy

We combine your future IT and business strategies to make sure you have access to the right skills at the right time.

Interim Teams whilst Transforming

During times of change and transformation, interim structures often need to be implemented. We support and deliver this for you.

Roadmap Future IT Operating Model

We create your future operating model and produce a roadmap for how it will change and evolve in line with your IT and business strategy.

Cost Appraisal and Benchmarking

We fully cost your current, interim and future operating models and provide benchmarking assessments for your industry.

Business Case for Change

We work with you to create your business case for change based on your target operating model.

IT Reorganisation

We can support you with the significant change of a reorganisation, from creating role profiles and benchmarking, through to working with trade unions and implementing organisational change.

Board Support 

We understand the challenges of changing IT models and we provide executive level support to break down complex decisions into easy-to-understand deliverables, helping you secure the investment you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you design an IT operating model?

Your IT operating model is defined by three things

  •  The services that you offer
  •  What differentiates your business
  •  How you source those skills and capabilities
What are the different IT operating models?

As any business transformation requires, your IT operating model will change during the transformation process.

The skills and capabilities needed to transform successfully are not the same as those required to operate your platforms and systems.

When planning for transformation, it is essential to think about

  • how you will innovate,
  • how you will keep the lights on, 
  • how you will change/adapt to business opportunities.

There may be a need to insource, outsource or co-source certain IT functions to leverage expertise when needed. However, it is also essential to never lose control of understanding how your platforms and systems fit together. You can ensure a smooth transition and successful outcome by carefully planning your IT transformation.

What are the challenges with designing an IT operating model?

The common challenges with designing an IT operating model are

  • Drivers for change are not understood.
  • Technology & business needs change, so we need an adaptable future-proof flexible model.
  • Never outsource the core of what you do and lose control
How can you know if your IT operating model is correct?

You will know when your operating model is correct since you will be a highly performant team that can innovate and implement change whilst keeping the business operational. We recommend testing your operating model to assess your performance.

How do you assess the skills and capabilities needed to determine your IT operating model?

To determine your future IT operating model.

  • Establish a baseline of what internal and external skills and capabilities you have today
  • Assess what services need to be insourced or outsourced
  • Create your IT operating model based on services, map what you have and the gaps, which will produce your sourcing and training strategies.

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