Enterprise architecture solutions

Remove the shackles of Legacy
IT systems processes
and enable business agility

Enterprise architecture is a core foundation when building for future growth.

enterprise architecture solutions

Make legacy IT a thing of the past

Building your future enterprise architecture creates innovative capabilities that will ultimately lead to personalised experiences.

We create an enterprise architecture solution for you based on your immediate business situation and future expectations. We do this by untangling your legacy IT, minimising its impact and building new foundations that allow us to leverage modern capabilities such as cloud agility, machine learning and IoT functionality. Your architecture will be underpinned by a common data model for reporting and analytics.

Service Details

Customer Experience

Redefine your employees’ and customers’ future digital experience.

Technology Assessment

We audit your technology, data, security and architecture to assess how it all fits together.

Business      Principles

With a focus on your business goals, we create business principles as a guideline for decision making around your future digital platform.

Data        Architecture

We document how your data flows through your digital ecosystem and how it is translated and delivered to end users.

Application Architecture

We look at your customer and employee workflow and how they are using your apps to assess data and integration flows.

Future Technology Platform

We define the core functionality that is specific to your business or your industry and brings your customer experience, security and business goals into alignment.

Roadmap and Governance

We clearly map out your business goals, visualising your projects, programs and interdependencies. We use our governance framework to ensure capability is created in the right place.

Business Intelligence

We often integrate data into a Power BI or another analytics tool and add machine learning for deeper understanding and analytics.

Trusted expert partners for your digital transformation

We are a team of technology advisors with hands-on experience in real-life business challenges. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can enterprise architecture help fix my legacy IT?

Legacy IT can be a tangled mess, but that doesn’t mean you need to stay stuck in the past. With enterprise architecture services from our team at hand, we’ll help unearth what’s been holding your organisation back and give it an update so all aspects of business run smoothly!

What value will I get from enterprise architecture?

Enterprise Architecture takes a holistic view of your company’s platform to help you manage what is happening now and predict problems before they arise in the future. It will save £ millions as we decommission platforms and remove legacy apps that don’t fit your current needs; this guarantees an improved user experience with a defined operating model utilising your resources where necessary!

How does enterprise architecture help my digital transformation?

Architecting your platforms, data and user experience provides you with a bird’s eye view of where to start changing things. It also shows what needs updating in order for the business landscape as a whole be more efficient – and without wasting resources!

How do I break down my siloed data to improve my reporting?

By understanding how your data is created and transformed through the operations of all areas in which you’re involved, it becomes easier to drive value. To gain a competitive advantage, we can build an enterprise-level cloud repository that will allow you access not only current but also historical reports from legacy platforms while they are being changed or replaced with newer ones – helping optimise performance during this time period where change seems constant yet necessary.

How can enterprise architecture improve my security?

We get to the root of your security challenges by understanding how you use and integrate with your platforms. We can then identify any vulnerabilities that may be present, making sure they don’t put your business at risk!


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