SharePoint intranet

An intranet is more than a
document repository staff directory learning hub
it's about connecting shared experiences and celebrating success

Intranets have been around for years, and most companies have one. But how effective is yours and who has ownership?

We understand the importance of connecting the teams across your organisation and we deliver solutions that bring your front office and back office together and empower them to update, blog and engage.

Connect your teams

We have a proven methodology of creating fantastic intranets that improve your employee morale and productivity.

It’s less about the technology and more about establishing the governance and decision making on features and functions. Intranets are driven by content, so it’s essential that you give your teams the tools to create and share their experiences in a way that makes them feel supported, secure and connected.

Service Details

Current    Challenges

We review and understand your challenges and frustrations with your intranet and what your goals are, as well as benchmarking your current experience.

Intranet        Roadmap

Our intranet roadmap provides clarity and helps answer the questions of why, how and when.  We define your vision, milestones, workstreams, timelines, metrics and budget.

Intranet Sitemap

A sitemap helps you to organise all the information and pages in your intranet. It provides an overview so you can check for duplication and make sure the navigation is logical and user-friendly.

Intranet                Design

From page layout and navigation through to branding, visuals, colours, and fonts, we will deliver a rich and engaging site.

Intranet Governance

Your intranet won’t just run itself: there are administrators, editors, authors, publishers and users. It’s vital to define everyone’s responsibilities.

Intranet Pilot

It’s always a good idea to test the intranet before going live. A pilot means you can iron out any glitches and hiccups and double-check the software is fit for purpose.

Intranet              Launch

You will want your intranet to hit the ground running, so why not get marketing involved in this critical phase? Create momentum and buzz in the office with a countdown to implementation day.

Intranet Training Program

Companies that invest in staff training tend to have more successful intranet adoption and participation. Employees need to learn about the new platform and how to get the best out of it.


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