Legacy app re-engineering

Legacy app modernisation is the process of
rebuilding changing outdated fixing old
apps to work in modern work environments

If the applications that are essential to your business were written years ago, they may not have been able to adapt to your business growth and technological changes. The cost of maintaining them increases whilst performance degrades, knowledge around them is lost and security, especially secure web access, becomes a growing concern.

We assess your apps to determine where we can apply tactical fixes and where rebuilds are required. Our troubleshooting abilities are the best in IT – we’ve never failed to get to the root of why something isn’t working and even provide code fixes to other software development partners.

legacy app reengineering

Reduce operating costs and improve business agility

Let us limit unnecessary operating costs – reducing capital spending. We make your legacy systems more agile using specialised skills and industrialised assets.

We recognise that you cannot immediately chance legacy apps, however, we can reduce your costs, increase your business agility, improve your security and most importantly improve your customer experience.

We’ve helped organisations in a multitude of ways:

  • Recreating the business requirements of what apps are doing from the code to better understand the complexity of the app.
  • Rewriting apps onto a modern platform to reduce cost by 30% whilst providing future-ready capabilities.
  • Rescuing failed projects to reset and deliver apps whilst implementing future-ready AI and machine learning capabilities.

Service Details

Legacy Software Audit

We thoroughly investigate your legacy software infrastructure and codebase, analyse your requirements and provide a detailed roadmap of improvements to derive maximum value from previous investments.

We can re-engineer your requirements, so you retain control.

Legacy Software Re-Engineering

We assist you in re-engineering your legacy setup to make the most out of your core business systems, while reducing technical debt and improving efficiency.

Legacy Software Migration

We deliver legacy system migration services, to help you adopt widely supported programming languages and frameworks like .NET and Java, as well as migrate existing databases and operating systems without downtime.

API              Development

We offer custom API development services to build and integrate APIs that meet the requirements of your business strategy.

Cloud        Assessment

We provide a full report outlining suggested optimisation for your current cloud solution. 

Migration to a cloud Native Stack

We offer IaaS, SaaS and PaaS solutions that deliver unlimited scalability, outstanding elasticity, superior computing power and faster time to market. Our cloud computing technology stack includes Microsoft Azure.


Our team of quality assurance engineers makes sure even the most complex business logic of your modernised solution behaves exactly as intended by testing all legacy transformation aspects – re-engineering, data migration, user experience, etc.

Board Support and Presentation

We provide executive level support to break down complex decisions into easy-to-understand deliverables, helping you secure the investment you need.


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