Application rationalisation

Reducing technical debt, complexity and cost by
retiring replatforming re-imagining
your apps to enable your digital transformation

Shadow IT, mergers, acquisitions and application sprawl lead to a challenging user experience,  siloed data and growing costs that disrupt your operational delivery.

application rationalisation

Reducing the complexity of your apps saves you money

We help you to continuously evaluate and execute your core technology’s codebase, infrastructure and data model based on your business needs. This ensures efficiency and readiness for whatever the market brings.

We assess your application inventory to determine your strategy, providing clarity around the bigger picture for business cases and justifications.

TTG application rationalisation methodology will help you to manage your apps:

  • Discovery – we find apps and document how they are used
  • Create cohorts – we group your applications by value and complexity
  • Roadmap – we create a modernisation and migration journey for your apps
  • Execute and deliver – we manage the delivery of the roadmap

We have saved organisations £millions by helping them to focus on the right things.

Service Details

Current    Challenges

We review and understand your challenges and frustrations with your current platform and advise on how to improve your apps.

Discovery Assessment

We assess and find all the apps critical to delivering your service and map them to your business goals and needs.  We create clarity around the purpose, cost and complexity of your apps.

Future    Architecture

We craft and document which applications should be retired, retained, reposted, re-platformed, refactored or reimagined.


We create a project roadmap that details the changes that will be made to your landscape, including functionality, migration and decommissioning.

Cloud App Development

We build custom enterprise software development solutions using the latest tools, technologies and best practice across different industries.

Governance and Process

We can fully build and rationalise your new applications, or we can provide project assurance and governance of your suppliers to make sure your application realisation returns the promised benefits.

Reclaim lost knowledge

We can help you regain control of apps that were built by staff that have left or a developer who is no longer available. We will read your code and explain the logic and calculations, then align it to your business process.


We can provide support for all your devices, from alerting and monitoring for compliance to troubleshooting user issues.


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