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Your Digital Transformation Journey

We offer end-to-end IT services to enable you to fulfil your digital transformation journey.

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Navigating the complexities of legacy tech isn’t easy

Wherever you are on your journey, changing your legacy IT is about more than just the tech. We understand the impact on your team, your processes, your data and, most importantly, your customers. As trusted technology gurus, we’re here to find the solutions to turn your legacy IT transformation into a full digital transformation that delivers new and exciting capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start my digital transformation?

Getting started with your digital transformation is all about people rather than technology. The critical element is to achieve a common understanding or levelling up on your current challenges. Everyone needs to get to a position of shared goals and aspirations with a plan of which challenges will be solved and in which order. Digital transformation requires executives, managers and frontline employers to work together to rethink how each aspect of the business should operate.

Download our Transformation Advisory Assessment playbook for more tips on getting started.

How do I get my business case approved by the board?

To get your business case approved, align it to your business strategy. Be clear on what the project will deliver/achieve and what will happen if you don’t go ahead with it. You also need to have a clear picture of the financials and, most importantly, walk it around your executive in advance to get their buy-in. A business case becomes much harder to reject if everyone has contributed.

Why is my digital transformation taking so long?

Usually, one of three reasons:

  • You’ve underestimated the challenges of your legacy IT and data migration.
  • You’re trying to complete the transformation with just your existing IT team.
  • The project is too complex, and you haven’t broken it into smaller, well-defined elements.
How can enterprise architecture help fix my legacy IT?

The key benefit of enterprise architecture when addressing legacy IT is helping you make sense of what you’re currently using your legacy IT for.

With this established, you can look at how to align your technology with your business strategy and identify the required changes.

How does enterprise architecture help my digital transformation?

Understanding your platforms, data and user experience will enable you to work out how to change/adapt them.

This will enable you to make quicker decisions and have clarity and certainty that the steps you’re taking will align with your strategy and won’t become costly mistakes.

How do you design an IT operating model?

Your IT operating model is defined by three things

  • The services that you offer your business
  • What is important to your business and what differentiates it
  • Finally, how do you source the required skills, your staff with training or an outsourced provider?

Trusted expert partners for your digital transformation

We are a team of technology advisors with hands-on experience in real-life business challenges. 

Our Partners

We partner with leading technology vendors to stay ahead of trends in our rapidly changing industry. This lets us more accurately align our clients’ technology strategies and capitalise on direct support channels and the best pricing in the market.


Happy Clients

Working with Ian, he inspired confidence and motivation to deliver a first-class service helpdesk and infrastructure team. Providing us with great tools such as Service Now, we were able to get great insights into the cause of tickets which helped to improve our customer experience over time.

Brendan Doyle

Group SD and Infrastructure Manager, City & Guilds Group

Ian and his team got to the heart of the purpose of the organisation and helped deliver a new technology solution which reinforced the value of BMA membership to healthcare professionals. At the same time, it demonstrated to our leadership team the value of digital investments and the need to further innovate in this area to enhance engagement with our members in the future.

Keith Ward

Former CEO, British Medical Association

TTG has become such a valuable partner to us over a relatively short period of time. We initially asked them to review our IT systems and strategy, but then they also supported us at the 11th hour to help run the largest online fundraising event we’ve ever organised. Their support and leadership have been so beneficial to our organisation over the last few months.

Dr Beverley Jacobson

CEO, Norwood UK Charity

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