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Customer Success Story

Creating an award-winning app to help G’s Fresh import and export produce after Brexit




Barway (Ely), United Kingdom


£500 million


G’s are growers of the finest quality salads and vegetables.

G’s supply all the major UK and many European retailers with a vast range of fresh, tasty and healthy produce.

Guy Shropshire started G’s in 1952 and today his eldest son, John, is the Chief Executive.

Key Metrics


To deliver bespoke app from design to successful deployment.


Time Saved

Reduced hauliers’ waiting time at the borders.


Cost Cuts

Created a reporting process, cutting operational costs.

The Challenge

Following Brexit, regulatory and process changes were brought in around importing goods into the UK.

Following Brexit, G’s Fresh was challenged with adapting to a new logistics process to account for new regulations around imports and exports of fresh food between the UK and the EU.

They had previously been able to transport tonnes of fruit and vegetables between Spain, France and the UK without much worry over exact quantities or weight restrictions. However, now the firm had to figure out how to prove their produce had the right paperwork, manage different types of pallets, and estimate exact loads. G’s Fresh needed a new system and processes to connect all the moving parts, people and documentation that was needed to make importing and exporting quicker and easier.

The Solution

Develop a bespoke app to manage the documentation process.

We led this project from start to finish, working closely with the G’s Fresh IT team, leadership team and employees in both the UK and Spain. We spent hours talking to the team to understanding the challenges, and reviewed all the new import and export guidance surrounding fresh produce. We explored all the necessary data inputs and documentation we’d need to make this process smoother and simpler.

The Success

Redesigned the process and developed an app to fulfil all regulatory requirements.

In our pursuit of regulatory compliance, we undertook a significant process redesign and developed a custom app catering to G’s Fresh’s diverse needs. This bespoke app seamlessly integrates with both UK and Spanish ERP systems, streamlining customs declaration and paperwork management for the respective authorities.

What sets this app apart is its accessibility—available to all stakeholders regardless of network connection. This open access allows hauliers to access crucial customs documentation for their trucks at any time and extends accessibility to third-party Spanish agriculture producers.

The app’s key benefits are manifold: it has the potential to expand into retail and further enhance transport management, providing a secure and robust platform that is highly available and scalable. The app enables increased automated support for G’s Transport without incurring exponential resource costs and integrates JDE and JAVA data to facilitate customs document production and enhance end-to-end reporting in G’s Spain. It significantly improves data analysis, reducing manual data handling risks and enhancing haulage fulfillment through improved controls and data analysis capabilities. The app ensures clear reporting and document audit, elevating operational efficiency from field to depot.

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