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Adding real membership value to doctors with new mobile app


Trade Union


London, United Kingdom


£50 million


The British Medical Association is a not-for-profit membership organisation supporting UK medical professionals.

As a trade union, the BMA represents doctors both individually and collectively, negotiating pay and rights, and supporting doctors at work.


First mobile app created

Leveraged single sign-on investment

Reduced churn by 3%

Reduced administration for doctors

Key Metrics


To deliver bespoke app from design to successful deployment.


Engagement Rate

Strong take up when launched.


Leveraged and used by doctors.

The Challenge

How to give doctors more time to spend with their patients?

Working with the product development team, we were asked how we could add more value to the BMA’s members who pay an annual membership fee.  The purpose was to help them easily record what they were doing at work and how they’re spending their time and generate reports in support of their annual appraisal process.  The aim was to reduce the impact of this important but admin-based task on their already heavy workloads.

The Solution

A cloud-based app with offline working.

We developed and launched the BMA Doctor Diary web app. 

We worked with a cross-functional team to define the scope of the app, with an awareness that it needed to work across devices and offline to accommodate areas where Wi-Fi isn’t available. 

With a tight budget and timeline, we outsourced the development of the app using development operations tools to ensure it operated harmoniously within the recently-deployed Azure environment. 

The Success

Doctor Diary reminds healthcare professionals of the value of BMA membership on a regular and recurring basis.

Coming in on time and below budget, the app was an instant success with the healthcare community who valued the practical tool. Data suggested a direct correlation between active usage of the app and BMA membership renewal.

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