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Fremantle Trust – Revolutionising the Workplace with Office 365, Azure AD, and Exchange Migration


Public sector | Charity


Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom


£50 Million


Fremantle Trust, a respected care provider, has been steadfast in its mission to uphold the well-being of 1,100 residents. With a dedicated workforce of 1,500 staff, they are committed to delivering exceptional care services.


Rapid implementation of Office 365 within four weeks, ensuring swift adoption and minimal disruption.
Upgraded exchange version and implemented new hybrid exchange solutions, facilitating seamless email migration.
Simplified email routing and addressed signature issues, enhancing overall efficiency.
Implemented Azure AD for single sign-on and Multifactor Authentication (MFA), fortifying security measures.
Developed a comprehensive IT strategy and roadmap, ensuring alignment with organizational goals and leveraging Microsoft technologies effectively.

Executive Summary

Fremantle Trust’s journey towards digital transformation faced numerous hurdles, including technical obstacles, inadequate support, and budgetary constraints. In response, TTG proposed a comprehensive Office 365 Assessment, charting a path towards modernization and efficiency. The successful implementation of Office 365, alongside upgrades and remedial measures, not only addressed immediate challenges but also positioned Fremantle Trust for long-term success in delivering exceptional care services.

The Challenge

Overcoming Technical Obstacles and Establishing a Future-Ready Strategy 

Fremantle Trust faced a multitude of challenges, including a lack of expertise in implementing Office 365, inadequate technical support resulting in slow ticket resolutions, and a dearth of future plans. Moreover, concerns about business disruption during the migration of emails to the cloud loomed large, compounded by the expensive service required to manage desktop and infrastructure. Additionally, the absence of a cloud strategy and Microsoft roadmap hindered their ability to leverage their charity status effectively.

The Solution

 Office 365 Assessment: Charting the Path to Success 

To address these challenges head-on, TTG proposed an Office 365 Assessment, aimed at conducting a thorough technical evaluation of Fremantle Trust’s existing IT infrastructure. This assessment served as the foundation for defining future capabilities, developing a comprehensive strategy, delineating phased implementation plans, assessing interdependencies, and estimating costs. In parallel, an Azure AD assessment was undertaken, collaborating closely with the IT Director to construct a compelling business case for investment, highlighting expected benefits. Additionally, an Exchange assessment was conducted to ensure seamless migration and implementation of new hybrid exchange solutions, all while mitigating potential business disruptions.

The Success

Achieving Rapid Implementation and Seamless Integration 

The culmination of TTG’s efforts resulted in a rapid implementation of Office 365 within a span of four weeks, seamlessly incorporating OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint, and authenticator app functionalities. Exchange version upgrades were executed smoothly, alongside the implementation of new hybrid exchange solutions and the migration of all emails with zero business disruption. Furthermore, remedial measures were taken to simplify email routing and address signature issues, enhancing overall efficiency. The implementation of Azure AD enabled single sign-on and Multifactor Authentication (MFA), fortifying security measures and paving the way for future IT innovations.

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