Working at a pace to overcome our client’s infrastructure challenges

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This week has been an excellent week for TTG, mainly because it made me feel very proud to see the fantastic work that the team delivered for another happy customer.

When our customer first contacted us, we faced a major IT challenge with no obvious solution. Their HR management product vendor was releasing a mandatory upgrade, which had dependencies on newer, more resource-hungry database and application server components.

The problem was the existing on-premise infrastructure was already end-of-life and struggling to cope with existing day-to-day workloads. The existing infrastructure had run out of CPU and memory, so adding additional load to this fragile environment was not an option.

We had just six weeks before the upgrade needed to happen, and the clock was ticking. If we couldn’t find a solution, it would mean that employees wouldn’t be paid, and the employee rota that they relied heavily on would fail.

Team TTG hit the ground running and got to work on finding a solution to make sure our customer wasn’t left without these essential business applications and processes.

This was a complex business with many different stakeholders involved, and we worked with the team and senior leaders to find solutions fast and make sure that everyone knew what was happening.

We decided to extend their private cloud hosting to Azure with a turnkey Hybrid-Cloud model. This meant that we could flex easily and leverage cloud resources. We designed a public cloud with connectivity to their on-premises network and a DR solution and to improve performance, we worked with their existing MSP, the HR software partner and their internal IT team to migrate and upgrade their HR solution.

We delivered this project in record time – less than six weeks from start to finish.

The best thing was that the scheduled upgrade could not only go ahead, but we improved month-end payroll performance significantly and gave them a strategic cloud platform to migrate there existing on-premises application in future. Not to mention all at a much better price than what their MSP had quoted them.

It was an excellent result for our customers, and I felt inspired by the teamwork and quick problem solving from everyone in the TTG team.

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