Why you need a Transformation Advisory Assessment

If you’re even considering a digital transformation, you would benefit from our Transformation Advisory Assessment Why? because without it, your transformation is liable to stall or fail.

Why start here?

  • Have you outsourced so much of your IT system that you’ve lost track and control of your technology stack?
  • You’re managing everything internally but it’s on a decline?
  • Or have you started a transformation process and now find yourself stuck?

Whichever of these resonates, our response is the same
– let us identify your challenges and show you the route to successful transformation.

We’ve developed this methodology to deliver our expertise in the most efficient and effective way possible.
By assessing your existing technology, operating models and ongoing costs, we’re then in a position to partner with you to create a strategy and convert it into an actionable roadmap to achieve your desired outcomes.

What does the process look like?

To deliver a strategy that will work for you, we first move through a ‘discover’ phase. This is where we consider the challenges you’re facing as a business, conduct a technical assessment and look closely at your current operating model.

Based on what we discover, we’re then in a position to move into the ‘design’ phase. We work to define your future capability, create your future strategy based on these desired outcomes and conduct a gap analysis. We’ll establish the baseline of where you currently are, refine the future goals and create a roadmap to bridge the gap between those two positions.

Finally, in the ‘deliver’ phase, we present our recommendations, and costs and we define your specific roadmap, with a focus on quick wins and foundational building blocks.

What will you get from it?

Still not sold?
What about if you could have a clear route to improving your capacity, increased internal ownership of your systems and applications and a way to avoid repeated patching and half-fixes?
Or if you had the plan you needed to demonstrate that budget should be allocated and system management placed in the hands of your internal IT department?
Or if you could get your transformation journey back on track safe in the knowledge that gaps weren’t going to continue springing up and you’d have the foundations you needed to react to any unexpected changes with agility?

All these end results come from the same place – our Transformation Advisory Service!
We’ll explain the cumulation of challenges that have led to your current position, provide you with clarity and options for the next steps and deliver a comprehensive roadmap for realising your business goals. And if you’re convinced by the need for a well-planned, well-executed digital transformation but need to get your executive on board you can use our assessment to make your business case.

If you’d like to dig more into the detail of our Transformation Advisory Assessment then we’ve written a How we deliver your Transformation Advisory Service to give you more information.

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